Orange Garage Door Repair Service is a friendly place to come for all of your garage door service needs. We have a great team of technicians that we have employed to help you with all of your garage door needs. If you would like for us to come out and take a look at your garage system, then please let us know.

A Helpful Place

When you choose our business to take care of your garage door systems, then you should know that you have chosen a very helpful team. We are great at taking care of your garage and your family. If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to ask us.

We Love Our Commercial Family

Did you know that we serve the commercial family too? We can install your steel roll-up doors or any other garage door system that you would like to purchase. We specialize in being able to help you with the right garage system for your business.

If you are needing something more durable than most we will help you find it. If you need a security gate, we can also help you with that. No matter what it is that you need we can help you! Our goal is to be able to help our businesses in the area feel good about their purchases.

Our Residential Family

We take our residents in the area very seriously when they call us. We can help you with anything that is related to your garage door. We can even help you with an automatic gate if you need one to go at the end of your driveway. We like being able to help our customers make the right decisions.

If you are ready for us to come out and help you, then please call us. You can even schedule your appointment with us online. We know that some of our customers prefer to schedule online versus over the phone.

We Will Come Out Right Away For An Emergency

We will come out to your home right away when an emergency strikes. We do not think that you should be punished when an emergency happens, we know that it isn’t your fault and we will do our best to get there as soon as possible. Please let us help you today by calling us when you need us most.

You will not be charged for using our emergency line. We make sure that we give back to our customers by offering them this for free. We ask that you please stick our number on your fridge or in your phone just in case.

Qualified Techs

Each one of our techs have been properly trained on how to handle your garage door system. We make sure that they know what they are doing before we allow them out into the field. If you are looking for a kind and efficient technician that can get your job done correctly, then please give us a call.

Service Inspections

We can come out and inspect your garage door system for you if it has been a while since you have had any repairs done. It is very important that you let us get your system checked out. We recommend that you change out your parts every 20,000 cycles.

A cycles is a full opening and closing of the garage doors. The parts on your system are going to wear out just like any other part in your home. Please make an appointment with us today so that we can get your system checked out for you.

Who Are We

When you think of garage door service, we want you to think of us. We want you to remember us as being friendly, considerate, and answering all of your questions. We also want you to think of us as hard workers in an efficient time manner.

We work hard on your garage system so that you do not have to worry about anything once we leave. We do our best t be honest and not push any unnecessary purchased on you. You can see by the reviews that we really care about our customers and their satisfaction.


We offer specials on our website that you can use with your services to help you save money. We change these out periodically so just be sure that if you print one out that you check the date on it before you pan to use it. If you are having a special service or something completed you can always call and ask about the specials!

The Area That We Serve

Orange County is located in the Los Angeles-Long Beach area. There are thirty-four cities that are in this one area. If you live in the surrounding counties, then most likely we can service your system, but if you are not sure, then please call and give our phone rep your address. They will be able to tell you for sure exactly if we can service your system or not.

We Are Always Open

If you get in a tough spot with your garage system, then please call us. We are always opn to complete all garage door services. We do our best to come out on the same day that you call us.

If that is not possible we will come out as soon as possibly can. We will make sure to give you a heads up call so that you know we are on our way. We like to do this as a courtesy to our customers and to make sure that someone will be home to let us in.

All Services We Offer

We have many services that we offer that pertains to garage door systems. You can take a look at a few of our services below.

  • Tube N Lube
  • Service Inspection
  • Maintenance
  • Emergency Services
  • Repair and Replacement of Parts
  • Openers
  • Much More

We are able to perform any service on your system that you need. Our techs are great at what they do and we do not think that you will be dissatisfied with the service that you'll receive. Please call us so that we can get an appointment made for you.

Automatic Gate Services

We also offer repairs for automatic gates. If you have a gate that needs to be worked on, then please let us know. We would love to come out and get your gate serviced for you today.

Let Us Handle All Of Your Garage Door Needs

Please let Orange Garage Door Repair handle all of your garage door repair needs. We are always working hard to make sure that our customers are well pleased. We do our very best to be an honest company with high standards.

If you are ready to call and speak with someone, then we ask that you please call us. We can not wait to come out and get started on the job. Let us take care of you and your system today!

Please call your local garage door provider for all your needs today!